New Medicinal Marijuana Bill in Kansas Sparks Hope For Legalization

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As per the most recent Kansas Speaks Survey, the desire for the legalization of medical marijuana has spread across residents of Kansas. While many believed the issue was obsolete for yet another year, the Daniel Fung arrest blog reports that a brand-new bill has sparked hope for the lawful use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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Everyone from growers to shop owners pray the senate bill is the beginning of a bright future for medical marijuana in the state.

The Senate Bill Breathes Life into Kansas’ Medical Marijuana Legalization Fight

Similar bills haven’t made it past the senate before, but industry professionals like the owner of The Health Connection, Natalie Greenlee, have their fingers crossed for that to change.

Currently, Greenlee owns three shops and delightedly described how her business would boom if the bill passed into law. Of course, like many in her position, she would love nothing more than the state government to legalize medical marijuana.

Since Kansas is one of the last states to make a move on the subject, growers and shop owners alike are hoping the bill makes it through the process. After all, they don’t want their state to be on the very back foot of the modern medical marijuana movement.

From Taxes to Small Businesses to Pain Relief, Kansans Say Legalizing Medical Marijuana Brings Benefits to All

Natalie Greenlee hastened to add that the positives don’t end with her shop. She mentioned legalization would bring plenty of taxes, generating revenue for community projects and programs – and many Kansans agree. They reasoned, “People who want it get it anyway, so you might as well bring the money into the state and try to do some good with it.”

A Kansas-based hemp grower also described the benefit of learning from those who’ve already reformed their cannabis laws.

By considering the positives and potential consequences of the medical marijuana regulations in neighboring states, the government has the opportunity to craft a near-perfect medical cannabis bill. Ultimately, this would benefit everyone involved, from shopkeepers to growers to customers to state officials.

Speaking of customers, Justin Lane, a shop owner on the opposite side of town from Greenlee, stated the bill would be tremendous for his customers.

The High Hopes ICT proprietor estimated 60% of his current clients come to his store to cure mental and physical ailments. With the majority seeking medicinal benefits from cannabis, it feels only natural for the state to make its move now.

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Both Industry Professionals and Residents Wait with Bated Breath for The Bill’s Outcome

The Kansas Speaks Survey showed the desire for legalizing medical cannabis rose by 8% in just 12 months, from 63% to 71%. And it’s likely to continue increasing, especially with adjacent states already firmly onboard the “marijuana for medical uses” train.

Currently, all anyone can do is sit and cross every appendage and limb they have that Kansas will finally make a medicinal marijuana reform in the very near future. After all, there’s no time like the present.