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If you are a connoisseur of marijuana, you might have heard the name Dank Fung Extracts. Daniel Y. Fung, formerly of CT, founded Dank Fung Extracts because he saw a need for better vaporization products. Unfortunately, many vaporizers feature a high temperature to create larger clouds of vapor. There is only one problem with this: the temperature is often so high that it roasts off the terpenes, which means the flavor of the marijuana flower is dramatically reduced and the vape euphoria becomes a hollower experience.

Dank Fung Extracts focuses on taste first and foremost. The company is comprised of extracts artists who have specially designed each and every vaporizer offered at Dank Fung Extracts for flavor. All Dank Fung Extracts products are designed for a lower temperature vapor experience. Although they won’t produce as large of clouds of vapor as other vaporizers, Dank Fung Extracts customers will enjoy a better vapor experience overall.  Daniel Fung encourages all customers to taste the difference when they vape with a Dank Fung Extracts vaporizer.

Who Is Daniel Y. Fung?

Daniel Y. Fung is an extracts expert who is dedicated to providing the best overall product to customers in the MMJ industry. For example, Daniel Fung was in Watertown, CT when he invented MedTab, a homogenized, dosable form of dry MMJ flowers. As someone who not only runs his own company but consults on extraction product formulation for various medical marijuana companies, Daniel Y. Fung of CT is someone who is very thoughtful on the marijuana legalization movement.

As we learn more about the healing power of the plant, there has been a growing acceptance of MMJ use. In addition to that, Daniel Y. Fung is proud to offer products that support marijuana inhalation through vapor, as this opens MMJ use to consumers who may be concerned over the effects of smoking. Daniel Y. Fung is a man who is constantly looking for new ways to innovate the market further and welcomes more interest from the general public on the benefits of marijuana.

This blog will focus on MMJ products, the benefits of CBD, legalization efforts, and other news in the medicinal marijuana industry.